Hybrid Creative Digital Art Director from Hamburg

Hi! Hey! Hallo! Hi!

My name is Jens and I’m a – long jobtitle but it’s the only one that fits perfectly – Hybrid Creative Digital Art Director and live currently in Hamburg, Germany.

I’m really passionate about stunning User Interfaces, User Experience and – in general – awesome lit communicative ideas.

I love to think, write, shoot and design miscellaneous things. So one day I only do creative concept for a client to set up the initial campaign and write a wonderful award winning ad. The other day I dive into the clients data and think about use cases and do wireframes and documentation bringing a digital idea to live.

Personally I don’t like to give away my „baby“ to other (way more talented) people so I try to think, concept, visualize and code the things I do on my own until they’re that nice that I can’t find anything better on the internet – Period.